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8 Social Media Tips All PEOs Should Be Using

Posted by Melanie Bowman on Mar 7, 2018 3:08:36 PM

According to some statistics, on average, we spend almost 2.5 hours a day on social media. Take out the 8 hours we should be sleeping, and that means that close to 15% of each and every day is spent on some form of social media. An infographic released last year by marketing company MediaKix shows that, over the span of a lifetime, that amounts to spending 5 years and 4 months on social media!

With that kind of audience coverage, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of social media to the success of a PEO’s marketing. One statistic even has upward of 80% of marketers using social media to promote their content. But the question is, are they doing so effectively?

Here, we provide 8 tips that could very well set your PEO far above the rest on social media.

  1. Make it Visual
    Basically, on any type of social media, images will get more engagement. Even posts on LinkedIn typically see greater engagement if they contain images. And don’t limit your images to a single one at the top of your content. Creating separate images for main points can help you post repeatedly to social media.

  2.  Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines
    You already know that you have a very short window in which to capture the reader’s attention. Your content may be great – but if your headline (which is primarily what will show up on social media) isn’t attention-grabbing, you’ve lost your reader. A great headline makes your social media post that much more promotable. And don’t stop at one headline. Feel free to create A/B testing to see which title is most effective on the various networks.
  1. Know Your Social Media Platform – and Customize for It
    Social media platforms typically have customizable posting features that usually include title, image and description for your post. Social media can often be overwhelming to the reader and you need to stand out from the crowd. By customizing your post, you can be far more effective at reaching who you want to. Use hashtags to help your content be found, and follow that with compelling images and short descriptions that help you get noticed.
  1. Know When to Share
    It may seem like common sense, but many PEOs don’t look into timing at all when sharing content on social media. As soon as it’s written, up it goes. You have to know not only where your audience is, but when there are there and active. With this simple bit of information, you can create a posting schedule to ensure that you are getting your message out at the right time each day. Different platforms have different peak times. But with the ability to view insights and analytics on all platforms, it can be easy to find out when your audience is most active.
  1. Post . . . and Then Post Again
    Don’t be afraid to promote the same content multiple times on social media. Vary your headlines and images, but feel free to re-post when you have content that is applicable. By changing up the image and/or title, most of your followers won’t know that you are reposting. This gives your followers a much greater chance of actually seeing that great content that you have.
  1. Create Human Connection
    Social media is just that . . . social. It strives to create connection and was made for people. Whenever you have the chance to point people to communicate back with you, take it! By asking questions on social media, you give your followers the perfect opportunity to engage directly with you. Make sure that you stay up-to-date with your followers by communicating back with them whenever they respond to you. One simple question can help improve your public perception and generate some great content marketing.
  1. Know Where to Share
    Just as knowing the right time to post is important, knowing which of the social media platforms to post on is equally as important. Each of the different platforms serve both different purposes and different audiences. Know which platforms your audience prefers, and avoid dumping the same content on every social media channel. By knowing where your audience is most likely hanging out, you improve your chances of them engaging with you. It may take some trial and error to begin with, but once you have this knowledge, use it to your advantage.
  1. Pay for It
    While it can feel counter-productive to pay for advertising on a platform that you use for free, there can be great advantages to paying for ads to get your content in front of an audience that wouldn’t normally see it. Most all of the social media platforms have detailed targeting, so finding your target audience is relatively easy. In addition, there are many tools that make it easy to both manage and measure the effectiveness of your social media ads.

No doubt about it, you have a very powerful tool at your disposal in social media. Most PEOs use social media to some extent, but many fail to maximize on it’s potential. You have the power to stand out from the crowd on social media with a little extra work and knowledge. Make your time there count and generate significantly more traffic for the great content that you have.

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