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The Inbound Marketing Methodology for the Smart PEO

Posted by Melanie Bowman on Mar 8, 2018 7:00:00 AM


Inbound marketing. It’s a buzzword that seems to encompass a great deal. Is it just the next fad in marketing, soon to fade out and be replaced by something newer? Or could it possibly be the very process that can set your PEO above the rest, putting you in front of the right potential clients at exactly the right time with the right information?

Obviously, we believe that inbound marketing is the latter. Prior to the appearance of inbound marketing, companies were forced to buy attention through ads and promotional materials, often forcing their message onto the recipients at a time when it was inconvenient (at best). Now, we have the ability to earn our potential client’s interest with content that is valuable and truly helpful to them.

Most of the time, this content will come in the form of truly exceptional content. HubSpot has crafted an Inbound Marketing Methodology that outlines exactly how this type of marketing draws your customers in by targeting their varying degree of readiness. Inbound marketing finally accomplishes what traditional marketing never did – not only generating traffic, but keeping that traffic coming back, time and time again.

There are 4 stages of the Inbound Marketing Methodology: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight. Each of these steps have their own conversion tactics as well, allowing you to convert at any point.


The bad news is that you have less than 30 seconds from the time someone picks up your marketing materials to convince them that you have the answer to their problem. The good news? You can actually do this by attracting the right type of person in the first place.

Just like in any other type of relationship, the first step is attraction. Attracting the right kind of person begins with really great content. Your content (from blogs to reports to website content – and more) should cause the reader to be drawn in by providing truly valuable information. Once that potential client is drawn in, they can be compelled to take the next step in the conversion process.

There are four simple things you can do to start to attract the right prospects:
* Blog regularly
* Utilize social media regularly
* Use keywords effectively
* Optimize webpages


Once you have attracted the right people, the next step is to convert them into qualified leads. The primary way to do this is through lead nurturing. In order to nurture these leads, you need to first have their contact information. As you can imagine, getting current contact information on a prospective client is almost as good as winning the lottery. Your big challenge is how to go about getting that information.

As with any “transaction,” they are willing to offer up their contact information in exchange for something of value to them. Those valuable offers come in the form of content – eBooks, reports, webinars, tips, etc. It’s important that you have truly valuable content to offer them; otherwise, they are unwilling to give pay your price (giving you their contact information).

Once you do have their information, you can now consider them a qualified lead. After all, you can know several things about them at this point. 1. You can know where they accessed your information from (which particular blog post, etc). 2. You can know where their interests lie based on which content they downloaded. 3. You can know what their pain points are – or what problem they are looking to solve – based on their actions on your website.

You will need three primary tools to make your marketing efforts here valuable: Calls-to-Action (CTA’s), Landing Pages, and Contact Tracking.


This step doesn’t need too much explanation – a close is where you eventually want to end up. It is here that you move those leads into satisfied customers. In many PEOs (at least the ones who have separate marketing and sales departments), this is a joint effort between the two.

There are a few marketing techniques that can help you moves those “sales-qualified” leads into customers:

* Lead Scoring
* Email
* Marketing Automation
* Closed-Loop Reporting


It is this final step that separates the good PEOs from the truly great ones. Once you have converted that prospect into a client, you don’t want to abandon them or leave them unfulfilled. You want to make them loyal to your brand alone, and the best way to do that is by showing them that you truly value them.

Don’t stop offering valuable content to your clients once they have signed on with you. Utilize social media and email to continue to provide value and service to your clients. Go out of your way to find ways to delight your customers. You’ll find that this will provide greater sales opportunities – both with them and with others that they share their positive experience with.

The PEO world is a competitive one. Make sure that you stand out from the crowd with a long-term competitive advantage over your competition. Constantly keep these 4 stages in front of you and you will be sure to reap the rewards!

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