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Top 5 Ways to Digitally Market Your PEO

Posted by Melanie Bowman on Mar 9, 2018 7:00:00 AM

It's hard to stand out in a crowd, especially in the rapidly growing PEO industry. Whether your company is local or national, marketing your knowledge and services is essential to growing your business.

Attending conferences and networking events, buying print ads, and other more traditional marketing techniques are still important methods of growing your client base. However, in 2018, digital is key. Here are the top five ways PEOs are using digital marketing to their advantage:

Content Marketing

Content Marketing - Cropped Square

The primary way for a PEO to market their services online is through content marketing. Insperity is the company that currently does this best. If you look up any topic related to PEO's you will find at least one Insperity blog post on the first page of results—usually many more. Content marketing not only keeps your company at the top of search results in your targeted industry, it also shows potential clients that you understand the best practices of the business.

The key to great content marketing is ensuring that you are writing about the topics most relevant to your potential clients. Pay attention to the popular topics at HR conferences and publications, take inspiration from other PEO blogs, and use Google Trends to find most searched for phrases in your targeted field.

Once you have a list of potential topics, you should post at least 16 times a month. Your goal is to dominate the search results, so for every blog post, you should follow best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Appropriate use of primary and secondary keywords pulled from most-searched terms in your targeted field will ensure that search engines prioritize your blog posts in the results.

Google Ads

Google ads are another way to dominate search results. Your blog will take time to populate and appear prominently, but you can immediately move to the top of search engine results through Google ads. Google ads are inexpensive, can be highly targeted using keywords and geography, and if done well, they pay for themselves in leads.

If you look at any PEO-related search term, the top results should be PEO company ads, and they usually are. If your company isn't bidding on these ad spaces, you are missing out on leads. Understanding what your potential clients are searching for is the key to developing the perfect ad. Once you choose the keywords/phrases to focus on, it's important to craft the appropriate sales funnel by deciding which landing page to link to the ad.

For search terms that seek to find resources or information, the ad should link to a page with a form for downloadable content. For search terms that focus on finding a service, the ad should link to a page detailing your company's services with a contact form. Ensuring that your ad matches the landing page is essential to creating a trustworthy brand.

Social MediaSocial Media Blocks

Digitally Market Your PEO

There are two main ways to reach potential clients through social media:posts and advertising. There are three great platforms for B2B marketing: LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. All three are platforms where engaging, relevant content is shared, like your company's blog posts, white papers, and guides.

Posts are seen by your followers and will only be seen by others if your followers react to or share your posts. It is essential to keep your social media feeds current since posting content is the best way to build your fanbase. For the best results, you should post once or twice a week on LinkedIn, once a day or every other day on Facebook, and one or more times an hour on Twitter.

Ads will be seen by people you target based on their interests, jobs, and geography, and by their friends and followers if your target audience responds to your content. Ads on social media are different than those on Google. Google ads almost always link to a lead-generating landing page and form. Social media ads can link to lead-generating forms—and some should—but these ads are also a great way to build your brand and social media following by highlighting helpful and shareable blog posts. 

Online Publications

Having your CEO or other prominent team members write as a guest blogger or freelance author for reputable online sites and magazines is a way to show that your company is an industry leader. You should target sites and publications directly related to your industry, those aimed at CEOs, HR executives, and start-ups, but also take time to reach out to more general business publications.  

When pitching guest article or post ideas, first search the publication's site to get a feel for their preferred writing style and to make sure they haven't covered your topic recently. Then create a short pitch email with the potential subject, why it fits their brand, a summary highlighting main points, and your credentials for writing this article.

Most publications have a section on their site explaining how article ideas should be submitted. Make sure to follow their instructions and remember to keep your pitch short, punchy, and to the point. The more guest articles and posts your team can publish, the greater the brand recognition for your company.

PEO Search Engine

We would be remiss if we didn't mention the importance of registering your company with sites like the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) to appear on their list of PEO companies. NAPEO is the leading source of information for and about PEO's. Joining NAPEO's company database allows you to list professional accreditations and certifications that may be the deciding factor in a client choosing to trust your company with their business.

No matter the size or location of your PEO, these digital marketing methods will ensure that your company stands out in an online world crowded with competition.

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