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Why PEOs Should Be Focused on Marketing

Posted by Melanie Bowman on Apr 26, 2018 7:00:00 AM

PEOs, just like any other business or organization, need to be focused on marketing. The marketing landscape has shifted so dramatically over the last five years that any business  that is not focused on marketing, specifically digital marketing, runs the risk of becoming obsolete in the coming years as more and more time, energy, and emphasis is put on marketing by their competitors. It is not enough to have a static budget and strategy for marketing. If you want to stand out and excel, an emphasis needs to be placed on current marketing practices or else your organization will fall to the wayside as your competitors move forward.

The Changing Landscape of Marketing 

Besides the tech field, marketing has probably seen the most dramatic industry shifts in best practices and common strategy due in no small part to the ever-growing, evolving, and adapting tech world. Five years ago SEO was the hottest trend. Ensuring that your site was high on search engine result pages was the best way possible to attract more clients and get more business. SEO is still important today, but now the emphasis on marketing is shifting to the mobile device, tablet, and phone. In the coming years, the emphasis on mobile websites and pages will be greater than that of traditional web platforms. Think of the number of people who use their mobile devices regularly . . . the mobile trend is not going away. Addicted to Mobile Devices

Content marketing and blogging, which are still very important aspects of a modern digital marketing strategy, are starting to lag somewhat behind social media marketing. These two marketing strategies are currently used in tandem and are not mutually exclusive, but there is less and less reason to link blogs and other content pages to social media accounts when those pages and blogs can be posted directly to the social media platform being used. It is not irresponsible to imagine a marketing strategy that puts a majority of its emphasis on mobile social media marketing in the next five years or even less. 

The point of this is not to move PEOs away from content marketing, blogging, and SEO;  these strategies are still very important today and should be a big part of an overall marketing plan. The point is to highlight how fast the marketing world has been moving. The Internet and proliferation of mobile devices has completely changed the landscape of marketing in general, and those trends are only going to continue in that direction. The point is to emphasize the importance of keeping up with the current marketing trends and best practices if PEOs want to stay competitive and excel in the modern market. 

ChangeThe Importance of Marketing Changes for PEOs

We can see the big changes and trends in marketing, but why are they important for PEOs? Why are they necessary for you to know and understand these changes? Mainly because of simple visibility. If you are being found, you have a higher chance of attracting more clients, doing more business, growing faster, etc. Additionally, you have to assume your competitors are doing the same thing. If you don't market yourself and stay visible, you will fall well behind someone else who does. Business will be lost to competitors and eventually over time you will become obsolete, much like Blockbuster. It's almost hard to even remember a time when Blockbuster was a leader in their field. Let Blockbuster be a lesson in what happens when you fail to adapt and keep up with the evolution of industry. 

PEOs need to be putting a greater emphasis on marketing to make sure that they remain visible and relevant moving forward. Investing time and energy into marketing, specifically digital marketing, is a great way for you to set yourself apart, differentiate yourself from your competitors, build a brand image and reputation, and ultimately excel in the modern market. 


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